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A few testimonials

“I have been waiting all my life to find a surgeon I could really trust and I was lucky enough to bump into Dr. Del Vecchio. From day 1 I felt extremely confortable and happy to put my life in his hands although it was going to be a common liposuction, or so they say.”

“Having read about so many cases gone wrong around the world, even a routine thigh and abdomen lipo like mine represented for me a great source of worry.”

“He did a great job, before, during and after and the result is simply amazing. It’s been 6 months now and I had no complications, a very fast recovery, I was in fact at work only a few days later!! Thanks Dr. D. you really have changed my life! My lipo was worth every penny!”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Delvecchio’s for 5 years and I have been extremely satisfied with the care I received from him and his staff. He always takes the time to talk to me about any of my concerns, is very knowledgeable about new procedures and will explain everything in a very understandable way. His work is beautiful and natural and I am more than happy with my new “look”. I always recommend him to any friends thinking about plastic surgery.”
—Linda from Wellesley