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Asian/Ethnic Rhinoplasty Boston, MA

During rhinoplasty, a patient’s nose is surgically reshaped to complement their other facial features and make their face look balanced. Asian rhinoplasty is a subtype of this cosmetic operation that focuses on altering noses for people of Asian heritage. Instead of making everyone’s nose look the same, modern rhinoplasty surgeons focus on enhancing each patient’s natural attractiveness while honoring their cultural background.

An expert plastic surgeon like Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio will never treat rhinoplasty as a “one-size-fits-all” operation. For ethnic rhinoplasty to work well, the surgeon must be very familiar with the specific cultural traits of the target population and have a lot of experience with rhinoplasty so the procedure can be tailored to each person. Dr. Del Vecchio works with each patient meticulously to determine the ideal nose shape to suit their overall facial features.

Asian Rhinoplasty before and after photos

Traditional Rhinoplasty Versus Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Traditional rhinoplasty, in which bone and cartilage are removed to make the nose smaller, is much more common among Caucasians and very different from ethnic rhinoplasty. Instead, ethnic rhinoplasty adds cartilage and bone to the nose to lift a flattened nose and fix flared nostrils or other ethnic features.

What Can You Expect from Asian Rhinoplasty?

Since most people of Asian descent have a flat nose bridge, their noses tend to disappear into their faces. In most cases, the nasal tip is rounded, and the nostrils are widened. When paired with the low nasal bridge, this makes the nasal tip more pronounced.

Ethnic rhinoplasty focused on the Asian nose can achieve harmony between facial features by:

  • Adding definition and elevating a nose that is too flat or tiny
  • Improving the balance between the nose, forehead and chin
  • Narrow nostril width to reduce the “flaring” appearance
  • Reducing overall nose length or width

These modifications help to define the nose without affecting the patient’s Asian profile.

ethnic rhinoplasty before and after procedure

Back Bay Ethnic Nose Job Surgeon

It is common to feel insecure about your nose but not know the exact reason. If this is the case for you, consulting with Asian rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Del Vecchio can be helpful. He can advise you on how to make your nose better complement the rest of your face. Schedule a meeting with him so he can help you find the answer to your nose concerns.

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