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Flaring Or Wide Nostrils Boston, MA
Some people have nostrils that flare, meaning their nose shape is narrow and widens only when forcing air out. Then there are those who have flaring nostrils, which look like nostrils opened by forceful exhalation at all times. So why do some nostrils take on this shape?

Wide nostrils result when the ratio between the nasal tissue types is less balanced. The nose’s sidewall and the alar base’s outer edge are made up of fibro-fatty soft tissue and cartilage. People with flaring nostrils (a thicker alar base) have less cartilage and more fibro-fatty tissue. This extra tissue makes the nasal base appear broader.

The tendency toward asymmetrical or wide nostrils can be a hereditary trait and is a typical facial feature of certain ethnic groups, including Africans, Asians and Aborigines. Some people take pride in their differently shaped noses, viewing the trait as a symbol of their cultural identity. However, many people prefer narrower, smaller nostrils, more in proportion with the rest of their noses.

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Everyone is unique, so each person’s aesthetic tastes will differ. Therefore, it is customary to want a different nose shape than the one you were born with, and Back Bay wide nose rhinoplasty can help. If you are unhappy with your wide nostrils, a cosmetic nose correction could be the answer.

What is Cosmetic Nose Correction for Flaring Nostrils?

If your nostrils are only slightly wide and your nasal tip is under-projected, you can get the base of your nose to look less broad by making your nose tip stick out more.

If your nostrils are too broad (moderately or excessively), a wedge of skin is usually removed from the area where your nostrils meet your cheek. This is called the alar base. The wedge’s size, location and shape are determined by how you want your nose to look. With masterful performance, the incisions will heal leaving no trace of a scar.

For very mild cases of flaring nostrils, non-surgical treatments could be an effective temporary alternative to rhinoplasty. During your consultation with Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio, he can determine which procedure would give you the desired outcome and explain why it would work best.

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Scheduling a Consultation for Cosmetic Nose Correction in Boston, MA

A nose job is a bold or sometimes life-changing decision, but it can also be frightening. However, letting a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Del Vecchio handle your wide nose rhinoplasty will be a positive, confidence-boosting experience. Contact the Boston Rhinoplasty office to schedule a consultation with him; you will see this simple operation is no cause for concern.

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