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Flat Or Depressed Bridge Boston, MA

The bony prominence at the nose’s peak is called the nasal bridge. If your nasal bridge is low, your nose will appear flat because the bone is too small and does not protrude. Each person’s level of nasal flatness is different. However, those of African and Asian descent often have naturally low nasal bridges.

While flat nasal bridges are commonly hereditary or ethnic-related, they can also result from an injury, genetic disorder or infectious disease. In such cases, the condition is referred to as a saddle nose. Sometimes, side effects will interfere with the nose’s ability to function, potentially leading to other problems like difficulty sleeping.

Rhinoplasty can fix a depressed nasal bridge and any correlating issues. On the other hand, naturally low nasal bridges rarely make breathing hard, so they are not a medical concern. Still, some people are bothered by the flat shape and prefer to have their noses extend farther out in front of their faces. Patients who want to change the shape of their nose by giving it more volume can get surgery to fix a flat nose bridge at Boston Rhinoplasty.

How Does a Plastic Surgeon Build Up the Nasal Bridge with Rhinoplasty?

People seek nose bridge correction surgery for two reasons: they are dissatisfied with how their nose looks or have suffered some nasal problem that needs to be corrected surgically. The surgery can fix all problems caused by a depressed nasal bridge because it reshapes the nose to enhance the facial profile and overall symmetry, makes breathing easier and relieves discomfort.

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio can reconstruct the nose and give it a new look using bone or cartilage grafts. Any procedure involving the nose requires a highly trained surgeon due to the complicated nature of the nose’s three-dimensional surface. Dr. Del Vecchio has extensive training and experience working with the complexities of the nose, which consists of multiple layers of skin that vary in thickness, malleable cartilage and hard bone.

Turn to Boston’s Highly-Acclaimed Rhinoplasty Surgeon for Flat Nose Surgery

A person’s self-perception can be profoundly influenced by the form of their nose, given the prominence of its position on the face. People who are disappointed with their appearance because of their noses may feel insecure and nervous around others constantly.

These adverse feelings are unnecessary. Call Dr. Del Vecchio at Boston Rhinoplasty to schedule a consultation and see if you are a suitable candidate for nose bridge correction surgery.

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