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Nasal Valve Repair Boston, MA

The nasal valve is an essential part of your respiratory system. It controls all the air that comes in and goes through your nose. It comprises external and internal components in the nostrils and the area above them.

Despite being one of the body’s most vital parts, possessing the potential to impact your quality of life if damaged, it is a relatively temperate region, the narrowest section of the nasal canal.

What Can Cause Nasal Valve Collapse?

The nasal valve is susceptible to collapsing. However, certain factors can significantly constrict the nasal valve or increase the odds of its collapse, such as issues at birth (congenital causes) or trauma (previous injury or surgery).

Nasal valve collapse develops if the narrowest, most susceptible point of the nasal passage weakens, obstructing the airflow through the nose and sinuses. The obstruction can be permanent (always blocked) or temporary (dynamic; blocked only during inhalation).

Who Can Benefit from Nasal Valve Repair Surgery?

Weak nasal valves may be the underlying cause of common health issues, including headaches, sinus pressure, congestion, sleep apnea and snoring, yet many individuals are unaware that this is the root of their problems. So instead of seeking medical help, they turn to quick fixes, like nasal stents and Breathe-Right Strips, to help them breathe easier.

Over time, this tiny body part can reduce the quality of life for these people. Most experience chronic stress from dealing with the symptoms of this respiratory disorder. Does this sound like something you are going through? If your answer is yes, you may benefit from the rhinoplasty procedure known as nasal valve repair surgery.

Book Your Collapsed Nasal Consultation for Rhinoplasty in MA

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio will need to meet with you first to discuss your nasal obstruction problems and aesthetic goals. He will also need to go over the chosen procedure in detail, including how he will handle the surgery for your nose issues and what to expect from the outcome. Then, you will be provided specific post-op and aftercare guidelines for a swift recovery.

Call today to connect with Dr. Del Vecchio, and discuss your need to breathe easily and feel better, or use the Boston Rhinoplasty website to send a message.

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