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Nose Hump Boston, MA

The nasal dorsum is a strip of cartilage and bone that spans from the eyes to the tip of the nose. It is the nose’s most prominent and noticeable feature. People with a nose hump have their nasal dorsum to blame. It is a common cosmetic concern, which is why dorsal hump rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently requested nose job operations.

An enlarged nasal dorsum, standardly called a dorsal hump, is a protrusion on the bridge of the nose caused by bone or cartilage. Usually, a hump on the upper segment of the nasal bridge is bone; on the lower segment, it is cartilage. The nasal dorsum can change shape, becoming larger and lumped, owing to genetics or trauma.

The nose is the centerpiece of the face. Its form and size can significantly affect our facial profile and overall appearance. When the nose’s shape is out of proportion, compared to surrounding facial features, it clearly shows. Often, people in this situation feel self-conscious about their image and worry a lot about what people think, particularly when confronted with a first-time encounter.

Why is Your Choice of Surgeon a Critical Factor in Getting Dorsal Hump Surgery?

There are two valid reasons why it is appropriate to only discuss your rhinoplasty options with a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon.

First, surgeons performing procedures on the nose must use extraordinary caution due to the fragility of the bones and cartilage planes. When getting rhinoplasty, there is more at stake than aesthetics.

Nose hump removal surgery that is not performed with absolute precision can leave you with a problem-causing functional impairment. For example, breathing problems can keep you from sleeping, leaving you tired and irritable during the day. Being in this state can make it hard to do your job well and efficiently.

Second, the outcome of a facial operation will stand out as evidently as the nose located in the center of your face. Thus, nothing less than perfection will do, which is what Boston Rhinoplasty’s nose hump removal specialist Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio delivers to each of his patients.

Confiding in a dual board certified surgeon with decades of experience like Dr. Del Vecchio is an excellent decision. He will ensure your nose job results look natural and gorgeous when viewed from the front, side or any other angle. Contact his office in Boston, MA, today to set up a consultation, and find out why he is hailed as one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the country.

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