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Saddle Nose Repair Boston, MA

Saddle nose is one of the many problems with the nose that can make a person think about getting a nose job. But, at the same time, it is one of the few problems with the nose that may need surgery to resolve health issues related to the nose’s shape. Severe saddle nose deformities are usually very noticeable and can make it impossible for the nose to function correctly.

Consequential Factors of Saddle Nose Deformity

Developing a saddle nose deformity, also known as nasal dorsum collapse, is rare but often a devastating experience. It can be caused by trauma (injuries or surgery) to the nose or by damage to the cartilage of the septum (from drugs or illness), which causes the middle part of the nose to collapse.

Mild saddle nose deformity is characterized by a depression (concave form) in the middle of the nose, which is only apparent in profile views. But when the nasal dorsum collapses significantly, the nasal tip rotates upward and the nose gets shorter. This nasal form makes airway blockage likely, making breathing difficult.

Some people with a severe saddle nose deformity can also suffer from constant emotional distress if they are ashamed of how they look. Adverse psychological effects of a nose malformation include low self-esteem, social isolation, anxiety and depression.

Back Bay nose correction surgery can be a life-altering procedure for saddle nose patients. By fixing the nose’s collapsed dorsum, this surgery will make the nose longer and eliminate its depression. Furthermore, it will reshape the nasal tip to make the nose proportionate to the rest of the face.

Saddle Nose Correction is an Intricate Procedure, Requiring a Qualified Surgeon

Saddle nose deformity repair is a complex surgery, demanding substantial expertise in rhinoplasty and facial anatomy due to the intricacy of the procedure. Therefore, this is not an operation you want to entrust to any doctor.

When looking for a plastic surgeon for saddle nose deformity repair in the Boston area, make Boston Rhinoplasty a priority location in your investigation. Here, you will find Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio, whose credentials as a fellowship-trained, highly respected cosmetic and reconstructive surgery specialist make him an ideal candidate for this challenging operation.

Dr. Del Vecchio is one of the country’s best rhinoplasty surgeons, renowned for his cutting-edge techniques and methods to reshape the nose and fix functional issues. He has an eye for aesthetics and the surgical skills to give you a stunning saddle nose deformity repair outcome that meets your goals precisely. You can call his office in Massachusetts to schedule a consultation or use the Boston Rhinoplasty website.

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