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Short Or Over-Rotated Nose Boston, MA

Some people feel that a short nose with an over-rotated tip is an undesirable characteristic because it can give them a pig or pug-like appearance. A short nose is also smaller than usual, disrupting the balance between facial features, especially for bigger people since they have bigger faces.

What Causes an Over-Rotated Tip on the Nose?

A short or over-rotated nose can be caused by various factors, including an injury, an illness or damage-induced saddle nose deformity, a congenital disability or a previous nose job in which too much cartilage was removed. It can also be hereditary.

If the over-rotated tip is trauma-related, it takes on this form because the bridge’s cartilage is damaged in a way that causes the nasal tip to twist upward. Consequently, the tilt draws the nostrils forward, exposing the nasal passages.

How Can a Plastic Surgeon Lengthen a Short Nose and Reposition its Tip?

Two of the most challenging nose corrections for a plastic surgeon to execute successfully are making the nose longer and changing the shape or size of its tip. Extensive cartilage grafting is needed to make these alterations, which usually involves taking cartilage from the septum or ribcage.

Furthermore, if a previous rhinoplasty caused the over-rotation, the surgeon may need to repair the bridge and nasal structure first to support the changes required for the new nose shape.

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is a renowned facial plastic surgeon who has earned widespread acclaim for his skill and artistry. He is a master of complex rhinoplasty techniques, including those used to lengthen a small nose and turn down a nasal tip.

Does Your Short Nose Make You Uncomfortable?

At Boston Rhinoplasty, we understand how people with over-rotated nose tips could feel uncomfortable at the thought of others looking into their noses during a conversation. Short nose rhinoplasty, sometimes called pig nose rhinoplasty, could be the answer to eliminate this concern, relieving you of having to go through life dreading social encounters.

Dr. Del Vecchio performs short or over-rotated tip nose correction surgery at his rhinoplasty facility in Boston, MA, to give his patients a nose that makes them feel great. Call or contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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