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A nose’s shape dictates facial harmony, since it is the face’s central feature. It can also define a person’s overall appearance. Consequently, a nose has the power to affect first impressions and self-perception.A wide nose is a typical nose shape that makes an individual feel uneasy about their face. It results from having a broad nasal bridge. Individuals with wide noses tend to feel insecure, self-conscious and dissatisfied with their appearance. At Boston Rhinoplasty, we offer our patients nasal bridge correction surgery to narrow a wide nose.

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How Does Nasal Bridge Correction Surgery Narrow the Nose?

If your wide nose drags down your self-esteem, bridge nose correction surgery might be the best way to boost your confidence and happiness. Osteotomy is the standard method to narrow the nasal bridge during wide nose bridge rhinoplasty. It entails making minor, precise fractures in the nose’s upper bones.

Wide nose bridge rhinoplasty can be a life-changing procedure because it gives you the assurance needed to face work and personal social interactions proudly. Statistics show that people who are content with how they look are often more successful in dating and advancing their careers.

Wide Nose Aesthetic and Functional Issues

A wide nose alters facial aesthetics because it tends to be flatter and does not project far. This lack of depth is most noticeable in the side profile but can also affect how the face looks from any other angle. A wide nose can throw off facial symmetry, meaning the proportions between facial features are skewed.

For example, your eyes and mouth may look overly small compared to your wide nose. Sometimes, a wide nose causes functional issues, such as a very flat, wide nose blocking the nasal passages. Possible side effects of obstructed breathing include sleep apnea (which can raise the risk of heart disease and stroke) and mouth breathing (which leads to several health problems).

Entrust Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio with Your Wide Nose Rhinoplasty Operation

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio sees patients from all over the country at his office in Boston, MA, for wide bridge nose correction surgery. If you need a plastic surgeon you can trust, Dr. Del Vecchio is a perfect choice. Contact the Boston Rhinoplasty team today to schedule a consultation.

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